The (digital) vaccination certificate – is France getting back to the (new) normal?

How is the vaccination sequence regulated in France?

The French government aims to vaccinate 30 million people by the summer. This corresponds to 2/3 of the French population over 18 years of age. The following vaccines are advertised as available: Comirnaty®, Moderna® and AstraZeneca®. At the end of December, the vaccination was aimed at residents of retirement homes and persons with disabilities requiring protection. Accordingly, it was aimed at all persons aged 75 years and above (18 January); very high risk, vulnerable persons (18 January); everyone belonging to the healthcare and firefighting professions who are 50 years and older or suffer from comorbidities (6 February); people aged 50 to 64 years with comorbidities (2 March).

Should there be special rights for "vaccinated persons" in France?

There is currently no discussion in France on special rights for immunised persons.

Is the (digital) vaccination certificate coming to France?

In an interview on 09.03.2021, the Israeli Prime Minister mentioned the establishment of a bilateral agreement with Paris in the form of "health certificates". The Elysée Palace responded to this: "France does not currently intend to regulate the issue bilaterally. If a health certificate is to be introduced, it will be decided at the European level, on the mandate issued to the European Commission". The French president considers the question of such a certificate to be "premature", especially because there are still unknown factors with regard to the vaccination, for example, regarding the infectious ability of vaccinated persons.

Autor: Maurice Hartmann