Wherever you want to go, we speak your language

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for a broad range of tasks. From product development and production, investment and financing, customer and supplier support, to personnel management and organisation. You are the hub for all activities. You develop strategies, keep an eye on your procurement and sales markets and monitor new technologies. At the same time, it is expected that you maintain an overview in tax and law issues.

So that you can concentrate on your core business, you need a partner who supports you in your tasks. A partner who understands you, speaks your language, knows your industry, thinks in an entrepreneurial way and, like you, retains an overview.

When and wherever you take us on board, whether it is on domestic or foreign soil, you will receive solutions from us for every entrepreneurial issue, tailor-made and from one source.

As an international law firm it is our standard, to offer our clients first class consulting in all legal and tax areas. Our experts are not only well versed in their area of expertise but are especially aware of the language and mentality barriers that often have to be overcome in transboundary issues.

Our experts are always there for the concerns of their clients, whether they are international, medium or small sized companies or private individuals. Our objective always is to represent your interests in the best possible manner, no matter whether it’s a transboundary corporate project or your private home with a view over the Mediterranean Sea.