How (legally) secure is your whistleblowing solution? 

We offer you a customised digital whistleblower system that protects your company from misconduct and helps you to act in compliance with the law. By way of the lawyer’s obligation to secrecy and a state-of-the-art digital platform, we offer you absolute security and anonymity at the highest level.

According to the EU Whistleblowing Directive 2019 /1937, whistleblowers must be able to trust that they will remain anonymous in the company if they submit reports. In addition, full compliance with all important requirements regarding the reporting of abuse must be ensured in order to avoid reputational damage or financial and legal risks. 

The Directive is to be transposed in national law by the Member States of the EU by 17.12.2021 and, respectively, by 17.12.2023 for smaller companies with up to 249 employees; and among other things, it provides for a three-stage reporting system:

  1. Internal reporting channels
  2. External reporting channels to authorities
  3. Publication of information

When establishing an internal reporting system, other legal areas, such as labour law, criminal law, etc., are also affected and must be considered in addition to the regulations of the national transposition act. Our lawyers bundle the entire range of expertise that is required to implement your internal reporting system and to successfully implement the resulting legal steps. With our Schindhelm Whistleblowing Solution, we are happy to help you comply with all important whistleblowing regulations regarding data protection, compliance & corporate governance.

Read here the current status of the implementation of the EU Whistleblowing Directive in the respective countries of our partner law firms:

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Schindhelm Whistleblowing Solution – in simple terms.

With a simple and modern customised design and the highest security standards, the Schindhelm Whistleblowing Solution is the ideal solution for implementing your internal reporting system.

All information is also available in our SCHINDHELM WHISTLEBLOWING SOLUTION folder >>

Completely secure. Well looked after.

Four good reasons – what sets us apart:

1. Compliance is our daily business.

Our lawyers bundle the entire range of expertise required to realise your internal reporting system and to successfully implement the resulting steps of legal action.

2. Lawyer’s obligation to secrecy.  

As lawyers, we are subject under professional law to the obligation of absolute secrecy. We thus offer you 100% confidentiality with respect to the information transmitted to us.   

3. Locally rooted, nationally and internationally networked.  

Our experts in 14 countries at 32 locations also support companies with a large global presence in meeting the requirements of the different jurisdictions and with the Schindhelm Whistleblowing Solution offer a completely anonymous and secure service.

4. Pioneers in the field of legal tech solutions. 

Our legal tech experts have been working for years on the development and promotion of digital legal solutions to increase the automation of work processes and the efficiency of legal work for our clients.