Alliance: Schindhelm Brexperts – your contact for all Brexit related legal issues

Many EU companies have close business relationships with the UK. The Brexit and its effects on international business raise numerous legal questions which need to be strategically addressed. Together with its cooperation partners in the UK, the Schindhelm Alliance has an international team of lawyers with many years of experience in supporting international companies in the UK market and who develop effective tailor-made solutions to all Brexit-related legal issues:

  • What impact does the Brexit have on your existing commercial contracts?
  • What do you need to bear in mind in future cross-border M&A transactions involving the UK?
  • What does the Brexit mean for Limited Companies (Ltd.) based in the EU?
  • What do freight forwarders and carriers have to pay particular attention to after the Brexit in terms of delivery times, standing times and customs clearance?
  • What restrictions can be expected in the labour market as a result of the abolition of the free movement of persons and the freedom to provide services?
  • What will be the future situation regarding the admission of your financial products and access to trading markets?
  • What data protection provisions will apply after the UK leaves the EU?

The "Schindhelm Brexperts" together with their renowned cooperation partners in Great Britain will be happy to answer these and many other questions:

Austria:Thomas Ruhm, Julia Spitzbart

Bulgaria:Cornelia Draganova

Czech Republic/Slovakia:Eva Scheinherrová, Monika Wetzlerová-Deisler

France:Maurice Hartmann

Germany:Christian Reichmann, Clemens Rogge, Viola Rust-Sorge

Hungary: Beatrix Fako

Italy:Florian Bünger

Poland:Tomasz Szarek

Romania:Helge Schirkonyer

Spain:Fernando Lozano

Turkey:Senem Kathrin Güçlüer

See the video stream of our online event "Good Bye Great Britain. Brexit: What happens next?" from 25.11.2020 and our article "Brexit is approaching: consequences from a legal perspective" for further information.